Friday, August 8, 2014

warm ups, work avoidance, and other sketches

This collection of mostly morning warm-ups includes a pair of men named Hans, a pair of Icelandic Saga characters, some film references, comic book guys, some songs I was listening to while sketching and a young lady with a laundry basket over her head.

Only Grettir was fleshed out a bit more from the usual level of sketchiness.

Star Wars
Dan Brereton's Gunwitch
The Night Rider (Mad Max)
King Osric (Conan)
Eloise (Daughter of Candice)
RV (Faith No More)
Flash of the Silverhammer (Bathory)
Bat Man Day 2014
Hans R (The Black Hole)
Egil (Egil's Saga)
Hans (Trollhunter)
Grettir (Grettis Saga)


Larry MacDougall said...


What a honkin' big pile of fabulous drawing. Terrific!

Matt Smith said...

Thanks, Larry--the means a good deal to me coming from you!

Ayumi Sophia said...

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