Saturday, July 31, 2010

Derby in the Burbs

A flyer for a gang of ruthless thugs, um.. i mean nice ladies.

Friday, July 30, 2010

forgot this one...

might as well get another one in...


ok, gotta stop posting just avatars.
But I forget about this one. I should try doing a few where people get a nice new haircut or maybe a fancy hat rather then being zombified or demonized.

anatomy of an avatar

while i was digging around the ol' drive--found the stages for one of the avatars--often i delete anything but the final jpeg for these images intended to be fast and fun. So to keep up with the showing process idea of this blog...

note: this scary looking man is in reality a nice and talented guy.


a common warm-up drawing for me is to draw an avatar for myself or a friend. It's a pressureless way to try out different styles and techniques. Here's a handful of more recent ones...


A recent Jus-Tin strip that I lost interest in the plot after page 1. It was based on the Godflesh reunion show this past June amongst other things. I have some other ideas I'd like to try out in this Herge-Broadrick mix.

below: designs for the villains--Warrior, Ain and Giger. Ain was later swapped with Horgh from Immortal.

Barbarian Lord revisited

Whoa.. been a long time since updating the blog. Here are a few recent attempts to simplify the BL designs to the point where I'd get going on a weekly BL comic. Let's see if that gets off the ground soon...