Saturday, June 21, 2014

Star Wars Day 2014

The last couple of May the Fourths, I tried to come up with a Star Wars related drawing that morning--as a warm up.  This time I left myself more time beforehand to work up something more finished.  The idea behind the image came about with news of the next movie, letting nostalgia and hope seep in again and trying to recall to original feeling of that wide-open sense of adventure.

early sketch  - just Tatooine girl
enter the Dewback
panoramaizing, with finished line and grays

Lords of Light!

When asked to contribute an Alex Toth tribute drawing to the site Toth Fans, I thought I might take a shot at a significant influence on my own Barbarian Lord character, Thundarr the Barbarian. 

I liked to watched both He-man and Thundarr as a kid, but when it comes to barbarian authenticity... look, the animated version of He-Man is royalty, a prince of an entire planet no less.  Sure, Skeletor makes things hard from time to time, but when the residents of Snake Mountain are trying to figure out their next move, He-Man has things pretty cushy.

Thundarr was born into a ruined and barbaric nightmare world--there's no escape to the bejeweled parlor to kick back with the finest food and wines of Eternia. 

Thundarr is out there in it, always, with only his savagery, sun-sword and a couple of friends to keep him alive beneath the sickly glow of a broken moon.

Here's to Thundarr, king of 80's animated barbarians.

early sketch
line work and grays


Ok.  So those who know me know that Bathory gets a lot of play here in the drawing room.  A LOT.
So when Rachel Kahn invited me to contribute a guest drawing to her fantastic second By Crom! collection: Full Colour Cromulence and have it involve the contributor and their own spirit guide (as opposed to the subject of By Crom!--Rachel and her guide, Conan) the choice came immediately.

Here's the sketch, line work, and color finish of the By Crom! guest drawing.

rough sketch
line work

 Also, I hope to secure Rachel's mighty drawing arm for a contribution to the next issue of Barbarian Lord....

warm-up sketches from May and June

More days than not I begin with a warm up sketch which is usually not related to anything I'm working on.   All are drawn in Corel Painter 11.

Girl and Witch


Cu'Chulainn sketches
Eddie and Boba

Thorgrim and Rexor

tribute sketch to Sam Hiti's Death Day comic

same as above

Thulsa Doom!

girl and annoyed dragon


opposite of warm-up, cool-down end of work day sketch

han, leia and thor


Snake and others

demonstrative legionary


guard mouse

more Cu'Chulainn thoughts

grim character




angered combatant

Battle Frenzy of Cu'Chulainn