Saturday, January 24, 2009

Barbarian Lord inking

Corel Painter

find the "scratchboard tool" is the closest to working with an actual brush or crowquill nib.
except--with the ability to "un-do" mistakes, which makes the process less painful.

Will get back to it with some gray wash or color. Also--will flesh out BL's nemesis--Skullmaster Skullmasterson.


Eric Talbot said...

I need that belt! Amazing as always Matt.

Michael Dooney said...

Found you! Heh,heh, you couldn't hide forever Matt.
Great stuff. Your digital inks are soooooo Jeff Smithy smooth I hate you.
Glad to see that you haven't abandoned traditional media altogether though, your acrylics always shine.

Matt Smith said...

Ho! comments by 2 of my favorite illustrators!

Must draw more barbarians methinks!