Monday, March 23, 2009

Nadja Shirt

One more Nadja related thing before I retire quietly back to the world of children's art. And barbarians. And trolls.

Picked the hare from the cd art as the crow has become the new skull in heavy music visual vocabulary. Enough crows out there.

1.rough sketch linework

3.inversed design = metal

4. back design--to be small and between the shoulder blades.


dogboy443 said...

That's a beautiful illustration Matt. Let me know when the CD is available.

Matt Smith said...

thanks mark!-- cd is out 4/28--could be at your local music shop, definitely Amazon.

Preorder link is up now.

Eric Orchard said...

Really gorgeous piece, elegant.

djcynot said...

how/where can I get this shirt?!