Sunday, October 18, 2009

toot toot

added 10/24

after sketching out the remaining pages, going back to try an tighten the first page up. Attempting to bring in some vibrancy without getting heavy handed and losing the
sketchy vibe. Not quite there yet....

some current work in progress. lots of pages due in short time, so it's been good for trying to find a faster, looser way to go. Here, it's going directly from a sketchy version to color, skipping the "tightening" phase a little--though it's still reworked from initial sketch.

here's the original sketch, tighter sketch w/tones, coloring in progress


cara said...

Hey Toots,
This is really GOOD. Darn toot'en it is. You can toot your own horn.

Bottle versus Face said...

what are you using; pastels?

Matt Smith said...

Hey Bottle, this one's digital.

Corel Painter for the inital sketches--pencil and chalk tools--and then Photoshop for color.

Matt Smith said...

thanks cara! it's fighting me to the bitter end.