Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lords of Light!

When asked to contribute an Alex Toth tribute drawing to the site Toth Fans, I thought I might take a shot at a significant influence on my own Barbarian Lord character, Thundarr the Barbarian. 

I liked to watched both He-man and Thundarr as a kid, but when it comes to barbarian authenticity... look, the animated version of He-Man is royalty, a prince of an entire planet no less.  Sure, Skeletor makes things hard from time to time, but when the residents of Snake Mountain are trying to figure out their next move, He-Man has things pretty cushy.

Thundarr was born into a ruined and barbaric nightmare world--there's no escape to the bejeweled parlor to kick back with the finest food and wines of Eternia. 

Thundarr is out there in it, always, with only his savagery, sun-sword and a couple of friends to keep him alive beneath the sickly glow of a broken moon.

Here's to Thundarr, king of 80's animated barbarians.

early sketch
line work and grays

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