Saturday, June 21, 2014

warm-up sketches from May and June

More days than not I begin with a warm up sketch which is usually not related to anything I'm working on.   All are drawn in Corel Painter 11.

Girl and Witch


Cu'Chulainn sketches
Eddie and Boba

Thorgrim and Rexor

tribute sketch to Sam Hiti's Death Day comic

same as above

Thulsa Doom!

girl and annoyed dragon


opposite of warm-up, cool-down end of work day sketch

han, leia and thor


Snake and others

demonstrative legionary


guard mouse

more Cu'Chulainn thoughts

grim character




angered combatant

Battle Frenzy of Cu'Chulainn


Mike Blake illustration said...

Matt, How much time do you generally set aside to do "warm-up" and "warm-down" sketches a day (do you do it everyday?) and are these pages a result of a single day,week,month, or a variable time of work?

Matt Smith said...

Hey Mike--apologies for the delay, I hadn't seen this post until now.

I try to put aside 30-40 minutes every morning if there isn't a pressing deadline. Sometimes going into work "cold" can lead to false starts and stiff drawings.

Usually I leave it at one drawing--but it can lead to more if i'm enjoying it, or if I'm trying to avoid getting to work.

TheBahamut255 said...

That 'Completely Original' Konun one, I rather like. ^_^